When the Rosary and a Friend Changed Tammy’s Life

The Secret of the Rosary is a short work by St. Louis de Montfort on the devotional practice of praying the Rosary. The main part of the book is broken down into 50 “roses” (chapters). Each rose contributes to telling the story of the Rosary. Thus, the book becomes a literary bouquet teaching the reader about the devotional practice, the saints who spread it—especially St. Dominic—and the graces that Our Blessed Mother has poured out on souls dedicated to her through its practice.

In telling the story of the Rosary, Montfort also incorporates stories of the miraculous. He does so to bear testimony to the “secret” of the Rosary and to inspire faith in its daily practice.

Today, I want to offer you another “rose” of the same kind. It is a modern testimony. It is a moving story of faith. It is the story of Tammy Peterson, the wife of the famed Dr. Jordan Peterson. In a moment of great trial Tammy’s life changed when a friend taught her how to pray the Rosary. Watch this video to hear the story for yourself. And then go, seize the day, pray your Rosary, and make it all Hers!

PS: The world needs more witnesses like Tammy Peterson (she is now in the RCIA process), but also more missionaries like Queenie Yu, Tammy’s friend, who through her devotion to Mary gave a reason for the hope that she bore within her (cf. 1 Pet 3:15).