Parenting Like Mary

Today, we’re talking about how to marianize your approach to parenting. I want to offer you one way that you can follow Mary’s example in being a parent.

Lost and Found for Love

Before telling the parable of the prodigal son, Jesus warmed the hearts of his listeners with two shorter parables of mercy…..

If You Don’t Take Risks for God…

Whether you realized it or not, this past week was a special one for the disciples of Marian devotion. It involved two events linked to two great sons of Mary.

The Word’s Reliance on Mary

Why do I bring up “reliance”? Because, in the mind of our great Marian teacher, St. Louis de Montfort, today’s Solemnity of the Annunciation is all about Jesus’ reliance, aka dependence, on Mary.

Oh, Happy Fault!

It is recorded in the lives of the Desert Fathers that one day Abbot Isaac was sitting with Abbot Poemen and saw him in ecstasy. Since there was a great deal of confidence between the two religious, Abbot Isaac prostrated himself before Abbot Poemen and begged him saying, “Tell me where you were.”

Because They Love

One of the most forthright apostles of Mary in the modern era was Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. A few examples will suffice to reveal his heartfelt love for Our Blessed Mother. For 60 years as a priest he remained faithful to an ordination promise he made to Our Lady to offer Mass in her honor […]

I Beg You to Lay it Well to Heart…

Today we return to St. Louis de Montfort’s teaching about presumptuous devotees. In the second part of his teaching, he does two things: he warns us against compromising with sin, and he encourages us to actively seek an ongoing conversion.

A Trick of the Devil

Three down, four to go, by that I mean in our previous posts we have briefly addressed three of the seven false devotions that St. Louis de Montfort writes about in True Devotion. Thus, we have arrived at the fourth type of false devotion: presumptuous devotees. Given that Montfort dedicates more time and effort to draw out the dangers of this type of false devotion, I think it would help us to break the text down and provide you with a running commentary on some of its key points.

Return to Our Lady

If heeding the Lenten call to make more time for prayer hasn’t moved you then maybe this initiative will. Recently one of our American cardinals has launched a nine-month novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We Honor Jesus in Honoring Mary

Honor your mother and father. It’s not only one of the first of God’s Commandments that we learned in Catechism class, but for many of us it is also one of the first household lessons we learned. I can remember several moments when I especially learned this lesson the hard way.